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Name: Katie White
age: 16
location: Canada
Pets: two dogs, lindsay and elmo
social status: long term relationship

color: black and red
the used, slipknot, all american rejects, linkin park, disturbed, korn, and alot more.
movies: interview with the vampire, queen of the damned, girl interupted.
books: anything by Anne Rice! or Stephen King
month: October
holiday: all hallows eve

-what do you think aboot-
labels: Hate them! they are stupid and make no sense to me. everyone is their own person, and there's no need to have lables.
hot topic: I never went to that store before so i can't say good or bad things about it.
same sex marriages: I'm all for it! i have so many gay friends and i stand by them no matter what!
sexist people: they bug the crap out of me! if you're sexist keep it to yourself, please dont go off at people just for the reason that they're a bot or a girl.                                       
drugs: i have tried some, i didn't like it. though i would understand why some people would use them.
alcohol: is fun, but be responsible!! dont drink and drive kids!
sex: if you're in love and you're ready and u make it safe then go for it!
rap: i only like some rap, like the stuff that means something and isn't just talking about yo I'm a thug and have a lot of cars, oh and did i tell u i got shot 20 times in da hood. what what. I'm sorry u had to hear that, my bad imprssion of a thug.
techno: It's ok, not my favorite thing but i like some of it.
pop: It's lots of fake people that cany sing... but it's fun to be retarded to that kind of music... you make me want to lala...hehe.
punk rock: It's good music.
emocore: last year thats pretty much all i listened to. but now i only listen to it a little bit.
heavy metal: Now this is all i listen to this year...i love anything metal!

Promote us in two places and give the links: http://www.livejournal.com/users/darkness21/ http://www.livejournal.com/community/cuttersselfharm/

what do you think of the mod: i love how she's herself. and i must say that she is just beautiful!
how did you find out aboot this community: just searching around
Tell me one thing aboot yourself thats interesting: i have a heart shaped birth mark in a very intimate place.     

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