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Birmingham, Alabama
One cat named Dutchess (blue point himalayan)
social status:
-shrudder- I hang out with different people all the time. Mostly the skaters, they're the only guys I've dated..so yeah.

The Killers, Evanescence, Green Day, Slipknot, Coldplay, Liveonrelease
The Day After Tomorrow and Saw
Swallowing Stones, The Giver, or Number the Stars
February 'cause it's my b'day month!!
Fourth of July because my friends and I get together and do some crazy stuff. (LOL)

-what do you think aboot-
I don't label people. Or I try not to at least. I don't label myself either. It's stupid to seperate yourself from people just because they're some label.

hot topic:
WICKED STORE! I love the clothes and jewelry there. I have a hello kitty purse from there. Well..messenger bag. It's like punk rocker hello kitty.

same sex marriages:
Eww..no. God didn't create man and woman to be put on the earth and then die out our population because people start marrying the same sex. I strongly disagree with it. I don't mind people because gay/lesbian, but they're be wed.

sexist people:
I had a teacher last year who was sexist. It drives me crazy! But the fact that men are more sexist against woman then woman against men just kills me. It makes people look down on us as if we can't do anything

You shoudn't mess up your life because of drugs. Half the people that do drugs are very smart people. They just made bad choices and messed up their lives.

Hmm..I don't think people should turn into alcoholics, but a few casual social drinks is okay, getting drunk doesn't even bother me. Just don't start depending on alcohol to take away your pain.

It's natural. I mean what person doesn't plan on having sex?! (LOL) Even sex before marriage is natural. In fact, I'm sure some people's relationships get serious when they start having sex with their lover/partner.

I HATE RAP MUSIC! It's just not me. I don't mind listening to it. But I will probably never own a rap CD.

Thats the best music ever! It's cool and really fun to dance to...and easy to dance to. It's like the only music I can dance to because I'm so horrible at dancing.

Eh..it used to be cool when I was 10. I've pretty much grown out of it. Theres a few pop songs I like. But not many.

punk rock:
My personal favorite sytle of music. It's awesome music. And a lot of the lyrics are really funny!

Thats the stuff that helps me get through break ups and depressing time. It's comforting to me.

heavy metal:
I listen to that in the car with my friends. I even have a few heavy metal CD's.


Promote us in two places and give the links:

what do you think of the mod:
Honestly, I don't really know the mod. But if I'm accepted then I'll probably get to know her.

how did you find out aboot this community:
Searching for somewhere to display my pictures I typed in "Gorgous" in the search box. And this community was in the list..so yeah.

Tell me one thing aboot yourself thats interesting:
I play the flute, I used to play for my school, but got to ahead. So I quit and started practices on my own.

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